Round 2 of the Sweets Showdown: Commence to Votin’!

Image by Muy Yum via Flickr

The time has come for Round 2 of the Southern Sweets Showdown. You can feel the excitement, can’t you? It’s like the jittery kind of high one gets from downing a dozen Krispy Kremes and chasing them with sweet tea. At least, that would be the case if the delectable doughnuts hadn’t gotten their holes handed to them in Round One.

Alas, this is no time for looking back. Games are afoot!

First up, in Pies, Cobblers & Dumplings, we have #11 Chess Pie taking on #3 Fried Peach Pie.

For a scouting report on Fried Peach Pie, check out this piece about Fried Apple Pie and simply substitute the word “peach” as necessary.

Lemon chess pie for pi day.

Image via Wikipedia

Chess Pie is described by that venerable fount of vetted knowledge, Wikipedia, as “a particularly sugary dessert characteristic of Southern U.S. cuisine.” Yes ma’am, it is. There are many theories as to the origin of the name, some saying it is derived from “cheese pie” (an archaic English term for any kind of custard-y confection), others saying it was originally a “chest pie,” so named for its being kept in a pie chest or safe, while others say it was served to Southern gentlemen as they played chess in the parlor (*ahem* white-washing) and yet others claim it was once “just pie,” and the name got all Twanglicized over the years. Being the country’s foremost ambassadors of Twanglish, we prefer the last one.

Closely related to another dessert worthy of the Southern Sweets Showdown, chess squares, the chess pie is very simple to make, drawing on those staple ingredients found in all Southern kitchens back before we could just run to the local “Walmarts.” But it is complex in its delicious sweetness. It’s basically a flaky, cake crust filled with a sugary custard and baked to perfection. Some folks may choose to gussy it up with coconut, lemon flavoring, pecans and the like.

So what’s it going to be: a classic fried dessert that a working man could easily pack in his lunch? Or a classic baked dessert that, when left to cool on the windowsill of a farmhouse, would tempt even the most Christian of folk to pull a swipe-and-run?

Vote below or on our Facebook page to let us know your choice.

5 Responses to “Round 2 of the Sweets Showdown: Commence to Votin’!”

  1. aaaaahhh I don’t know!! I love both! Went w/chess. Seems more traditional. IDK!!

  2. I’m voting for the chess pie, chocolate edition.

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