beignets in bourboned butterscotch

Beignets have shown up recently in the Southern Sweets Showdown and are a quintessentially Southern dish, but you’ve never seen them quite like this. With the addition of Bourbon to the mix, it becomes even more Southerner … as if that were possible … or a real word. Now if we can just figure out how to add bacon…


I would like to thank Louisiana and Kentucky for the French donut and the distinctly American spirit, respectively.  Without you, this dish of pillowy fried squares of sweet sorcery would have never been possible.

Beignets: You can make them from scratch, but Cafe Du Monde conveniently produces a boxed mix.  I got to visit the original Café Du Monde location in New Orleans this past summer. Though it was the afternoon and felt like 100-degrees outside, I still thoroughly enjoyed a plate of fresh french donuts and a Café Au Lait and chickory under the giant porch fans.  The ground at the outdoor café was practically covered in white powdered sugar, just like the donuts! This weekend our ground was covered in white, powdery snow – the perfect time to whip up some piping hot beignets.

I did a little more than beignets by deconstructing a dessert that I read online…

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One Response to “beignets in bourboned butterscotch”

  1. These look delicious! I was thinking the exact same thing about the bacon and I don’t even eat meat anymore! I guess that Southern girl will always be inside 🙂

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