Help Us Decide: 10 Steps to Real Southerness

There are programs for everything. There are programs for serious problems, like alcoholism and drug addiction. There are programs to help you lose weight or quit smoking. There’s even a program for beating paper addiction. Hmmm… Best not dwell on that too long. And what all these programs have in common is this: they are all divided into steps.

We want to create a program. Let’s face it, this country is plagued with an epidemic of non-Southerness. We could sit back and complain about it, or we could change things. Being that Real Southern Men are men of action, we choose the latter.

Now you can help us create the world’s first official, albeit somewhat tongue-in-cheek, program for becoming a RSM (or RSW, if that’s your genetic declination). To that end, we’ve created the poll below – taken mostly from our Real Southern Rules – to determine the 10 most important steps to achieving optimum Southerness.

Thank y’all for your help.

UPDATE: We’ve added the option for you to suggest other steps w might have missed. Keep it clean, folks. We don’t want to ban anyone else this week.

2 Responses to “Help Us Decide: 10 Steps to Real Southerness”

  1. I’m worried that Football isn’t leading more. People…IT’S FOOTBALL!!!

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