Some Southern Sweets Soar, Some Sink

We’re calling it. The lightning round that wrapped up the 1st round of the Southern Sweets Showdown is over. Between the play-in round and the 1st full round, you’ve now eliminated 36 sweets from our field of 68. Thanks to everyone who voted!

As you’ll see, it was a rough round for those semi-wild Southern cousins of the grape, muscadines and scuppernongs. It seems everyone likes their sweets the old-fashioned way: full of sugar. Interestingly, there were no upsets in this round … and even one shut-out. It also marked the end of the road for early upset-minded underdogs like Pucker Powder.

In some ways, the natural order of things was restored in the lightning round, as all the winners were time-honored classics, most of which you would prefer to make from scratch.

CORRECTION: Key Lime Pie was actually a 12-seed, and therefore marked an upset over apple crisp. Likewise, Chess Pie upset Mississippi Mud Pie. We apologize for any undue duress or hardship this may have caused you.

Later today, we’ll post the updated bracket and look ahead to the 2nd round. In the meantime, check out the lightning round results:

Pies, Cobblers & Dumplings Region

#1 Pecan Pie 100% – #17 Monkey Bread 0%

#12 Key Lime Pie 57% – #5 Apple Crisp 43%

#11 Chess Pie 60% – #6 Mississippi Mud Pie 40%

Cakes, Pudding & Ice Cream Region

#1 Nanner Puddin’ 71% – #16 Blue Bell Ice Cream 29%

#5 Chocolate Cake 79% – #12 Bananas Foster 21%

#6 Red Velvet Cake 71% – #11 King Cake 29%

Hand-Held Treats Region

#1 Divinity 86% – #17 Pucker Powder 14%

#5 Pecan Pralines 86% – #12 Honey Buns 14%

#6 Lemon Squares 71% – #11 Little Debbie Nutty Bars 29%

Miscellany Region

#1 Sweet Tea 79% – #17 Candied Yams 21%

#5 Buttermilk Biscuits & Honey 93% – #12 Fresh Muscadines/Scuppernongs 7%

#6 Syrup (AlaGa, Steen’s, Golden Eagle, et al) 71% – #11 Scuppernong or Muscadine Jelly 29%

2 Responses to “Some Southern Sweets Soar, Some Sink”

  1. I agree with just about everything except the Sweet Tea versus candied yams! I know the category was miscellaneous, but it’s beyond apples and oranges. Fun showdown, nonetheless…

    • Too many of our favorites have gone by the wayside already. Structuring these brackets was beyond difficult. I suppose the only consolation we can offer is this: candied yams are enjoyed all over the country. Sweet tea is uniquely Southern.

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