The Southern Sweets Showdown Lightning Round!

Before we explain the lightning round, let’s recap our most recent round of voting. As you may recall, we had two unprecedented ties, #4 Apple Butter and #13 Banana and Mayonnaise Sandwich in the Miscellany Region and Homemade Peach Ice Cream and Coca-Cola Cake in the Cakes, Puddings and Ice Cream region. We are pleased to announce the ties have been broken.

With 53% of the vote, Apple Butter finally best the Banana & Mayo Sandwich, thanks in no small part to Deb Krauss’ intellectual argument that the latter is “gross.” Homemade Peach Ice Cream opened up a bit more of lead in  OT, taking its round with 63% of the vote.

Now for the lightning round …

When we began this little endeavor called the Southern Sweets Showdown, the plan was to write an original article or anecdote about each of the 68 contestants in the first round. Yeah … didn’t exactly work out that way. Life got busy and this thing dragged on for freakin’ ever. Frankly, now we’re sick of it and just want to move on to the 2nd round.

Therefore, all remaining first round match-ups will be settled right here, right now. Let’s face it, if you can’t survive past the first round, you don’t deserve an article anyhow.

So strap on your votin’ shoes and limber up that clicking finger. The lightning round begins … now!

Now for the big daddies. The #1s have been a long time coming and frankly, they deserve their own write-ups. However, Pecan Pie, Divinity, Nanner Puddin’ and Sweet Tea really need no introduction.

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