Time for OT in the Southern Sweets Showdown

Okay, okay… We know it’s not nice to be talking about sweets while so many of you are trying desperately to keep your resolutions or shed some holiday pounds. To that we say: get over it! Real Southern Men don’t cry about their weight.

They just go out and kill something that weighs more than they do to make themselves feel lithe and spry. In fact, if anyone needs me, I’ll be stalking down a grizzly bear … because it’s about the only thing smaller than me right now.

How about some results?

For some reason, the 4s vs 13s produced the closest results we’ve had thus far. For example, in the Hand-Held Treats Region, #4 Tea Cakes edged out #13 Nutty Buddy Cones by a single vote.

In Pies, Cobblers & Dumplings, the favorite Blackberry Cobbler bested Apple Dumplings with 64% of the vote.

Here’s the real shocker: for the first time in the Southern Sweets Showdown, we have a tie. Not only do we have our first tie, we have two of them!

#4 Apple Butter and #13 Banana and Mayonnaise Sandwich finished in a dead heat in the Miscellany Region with 50% of the vote each. Same for Homemade Peach Ice Cream and Coca-Cola Cake in the Cakes, Puddings and Ice Cream region.

To help us break the deadlocks, vote in the tie-breakers below:


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