RSM Resolutions for 2012

2011 is not quite belly-up, yet, but it is contorting into fitful death throes. Soon we’ll be able to tag the toe and slam the drawer.

As the final hours of this year tick off, we look back on our first (partial) year here on RSM and make some resolutions for 2012. Why? Because that’s what you do, that’s why. Stop questioning our choices!

When we started this blog on April 9, we came out of the gate strong and continued strong for several months, posting at least seven times per week. Unfortunately for you, our loyal band of readers, about 90 percent of those posts were by me. So, when my schedule got busy in the fall, the regularity of our posts dropped.

In fact, let me apologize for the complete lack of posts over the last two weeks. My round-the-clock work schedule led right into Christmas, which then led right into yet another bout of the flu.

But the recent dearth of posts brings us nicely to our first resolution:

Resolution #1: Post more frequently

The great irony of the last year on RSM is that we were publishing the most posts when we had the fewest readers. As our readership grew, we posted less. In the coming year, we’ll attempt to post at least four times a week while also pursuing our second resolution:

Resolution #2: Grow our readership

We’d love to get to the point where we have about 1,500 post views a day on the site. We’ve had a couple of days in that neighborhood, but days in the low hundreds are far more common. We think the content is entertaining enough. We just need to get the word out. That’s where we’ll need your help. If you like a post or a feature on RSM, share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, Digg … whatever.

I we can grow our numbers, we’ll be able to …

Resolution #3: Make RSM self-sustaining

The main reason I can’t keep up with the demands of this site when my schedule gets crazy is that I am self-employed. (Or self-unemployed, depending on the month.) When work comes, I take it. To make RSM everything we think it could be, we need to grow our readership, amp up the content and find a way to make it generate some revenue. It may be t-shirts. It may be a book. It may be licensing content for other media. Or it could be plain, old-fashioned ad sales. Either way, a self-sustaining RSM will be a better RSM.

We might even be able to …

Resolution #4: Add video content

Since I am a TV and film director/producer/editor by trade, it’s only natural to think we’ll eventually add video content to the site. In fact, that’s been the plan from the beginning. But producing and posting video requires time and resources. We will attempt to roll out some video features in the next few weeks as a test … just because we can.

Other changes on the way:

Resolution #5: Roll out Real Southern Rules

Formerly known as “A Real Southern Man is…” and “Be A Real Southern Man,” we intend to combine those two similar categories into the more universal RSR. Expect corresponding video features and more in-depth explorations of some of these rules. For example, the simple axiom “Real Southerners love sweet tea” could spawn a how-to video on making the perfect pitcher of tea and in-depth articles on the best tea brands and the history of the drink in the South. Or it could result in a 3-hour experimental documentary of someone sipping sweet tea on the front porch. You never know …

Resolution #6: Bring Back the Twanglish Lessons

It’s been a few months since we’ve posted new Twanglish Lessons. And it is, hands-down, the most popular feature on the site. Needless to say, we intend to go deeper into the vagaries of the Official Language of the South in the coming year.

Resolution #7: Finish the Southern Sweets Showdown

You would know we would launch the most ambitious feature of our first year when I and the other contributors had the least time to pursue it. Fortunately, most folks seem to enjoy it. We’ll try to wrap it up in the coming weeks and find ways to streamline the process when we do it again.

Resolution #8: Be more inclusive of the ladies

We’ve made strides in that direction through the inclusion of our Token Female Guest Contributor, Deborah Krauss. We’ll do even more in the coming year while also trying to keep the uniqueness of the RSM concept intact. It’s a fine line to be sure.

Resolution #9: Explore more of Southern life

I would argue no region of our country has a richer, more storied history and culture than the South. We’ll do all we can to ferret out the most unique aspects of it possible, without becoming a stereotypical, gardens-and-recipes Southern blog … not that there’s anything wrong with those.

And we plan to all of these with our own patented brand of RSM wit, soul and smartassery. Hey, it’s what makes RSM, well … RSM.

Happy New Year, y’all!

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