Southern Sweets Results: 7s vs. 10s

Based on the latest round of results from the Southern Sweets Showdown, we can draw the following conclusions:

•People love sweet potatoes, but not more than fried dough covered in powdered sugar.

•We need more Kentuckians reading the site.

Herewith, the evidence:

Hand-Held Treats

#10 Oatmeal Creme Pie 60%
#7 Bourbon Balls 40%


#10 Tupelo Honey 56%
#7 Watermelon 44%

Pies, Cobblers & Dumplings

#10 Derby Pie 12%
#7 Sweet Potato Pie 88%

Cakes, Puddings & Ice Cream

#10 Beignets 75%

#7 Sweet Potato Souffle 25%

More match-ups coming later!

One Response to “Southern Sweets Results: 7s vs. 10s”

  1. How have I been missing posts on these? I haven’t voted because they haven’t come up on my FB – or I’ve missed them somehow…

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