Your Invitation to Thanksgiving in the RSM Clubhouse

Kalkoen Turkey

This one's a little undercooked. Image via Wikipedia

The Thanksgiving holiday begins an epic series of celebratory events for Real Southern Men. We move quickly from Turkey Day to Christmas to College Football Bowl season (with New Year’s Day thrown in for the traditionalists) and ending with the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl. Each of these celebrations have unique and time-honored culinary traditions as well. From Turkey and Dressing in November to Hoppin’ John on New Year’s Day, Real Southern Men know how to eat with character.

For the last six years I have had the opportunity to spend each Thanksgiving in the sleepy, little burg of Parsons, Tennessee. My wife has roots in this beautiful town in West Central Tennessee and her extended family makes a multi-day celebration out of the holiday at the old Holt home place. There will be the usual suspects: turkey, dressing, assorted veggies, ham and rolls. But there will also be some delicious soups. stews, pork BBQ and various sweet treats. I suspect that it is the same for your celebrations; each family has those old standbys but also a few quirky, unique dishes in the mix.

And so we at RSM offer you a unique invitation: you are cordially invited to the imaginary RSM clubhouse, where the leaves are always golden, the breezes cool, your college is always winning on the gridiron, and the air smells continuously of a veritable feast. We invite you to share with the RSM world what you will be bringing to the table. Will it be an old standby? Will you bring a regional favorite? Will it be an entrée or a dessert?

Share with us what you will bring in the comments below. Give us a link to the recipe if you have it. Have a great story behind the dish? Share that, too!

We will compile a menu of all of these delicious dishes next week before the day of thanks. Who knows, you may get a few ideas for your own feast!

7 Responses to “Your Invitation to Thanksgiving in the RSM Clubhouse”

  1. In my family, we can’t seem to do “the holidays”, meaning Thanksgiving through Christmas all rolled into one, without broccoli casserole. My sister doesn’t do mayo or mushrooms, so she makes hers with some kind of bleu cheese dressing. Normally I’m not – at all – a bleu cheese person, but her casserole is good.

    Also, the appetizers: crab dip and spinach dip, those little cocktail sausages with the recipe off the chili sauce label, stuffed mushrooms…

  2. Blackened Wild Alabama Shrimp with Smoked Gouda Cheese Grits and Fried Corn Sauce

  3. We’re doing a potluck dinner with my extended family. Someone else is handling the turkey and dressing this year, so we’re trying some new dishes: an apple stack cake (thank you, Southern Sweets Showdown), old timey cloverleaf yeast rolls and oyster dressing.

  4. I’m doing a scaled down version of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner that my mother concocted every single year my entire life, and my grandmother before her, with the recipes handed down. Only omissions this year are mashed potatoes, asparagus casserole, stuffed celery, & pecan pie. Only new addition this year for me is my lemon poppyseed cake in lieu of the pecan pie (for convenience sake). I usually have the lemon cake at Xmas time. I’m gradually teaching my daughter the recipes. She is making the pumpkin pie this year and is also striking out on her own to make that famous French’s green bean casserole (we’ve never had that but it is fine with me). Menu: Turkey & dressing (gravy/cranberry jelly), candied yams (w/lots of sugar, butter, vanilla, & marshmallows), squash casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, pumpkin pie, lemon cake, and sweet tea 😀 There are only 3 of us – think it will be enough? LOL

  5. We are also taking some Conecuh Sausage and Black Eye Pea Stew…

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