Twanglish Lesson: Buhtayduh

After a little break to make room for the early pairings in the Southern Sweets Showdown, Twanglish Lessons is back! Or are back. Or sump’m.

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is in keeping with the spirit of the Southern Sweets Showdown. In fact, it’s related to a couple of match-ups you’ll see here later today.

We’ve talked before about how Twanglish is a multi-faceted language with some words that are merely English words with a certain Southern twang, others are English words with wholly new meanings and yet others are unique words or phrases found only in the South. Today’s entry falls in the first category.

Buhtayduhnoun 1. A South American plant of the nightshade family with a poisonous vine, but edible, starchy tubers 2. The tuber of the Solanum Tuberosum plant 3. The Ipomoea batatas plant, which bears a sweet, orange edible tuber 4. The tuber of this plant, also known as a sweet buhtayduh:

Baby, I went down yonder to the Walmarts, and them sweet buhtayduhs they got up in there are near ’bout next to nothin’.

synonyms: Tater, Spud, Potato, Yam

Sure, Idaho may be known for growing the most buhtayduhs, but we Southerners do love us a good tuber. Whether it’s baked, mashed, boiled or fried, buhtayduhs are a staple of the Southern diet, especially the sweet variety. You know what they call a summer barbecue or a spring supper on the grounds without buhtayduh salad? We don’t either, because we’ve never heard of such nonsense. And any meat-and-three worth its weight in Rolaids won’t even open the doors without at least one sweet buhtayduh dish on the menu.

So, as Thanksgiving approaches, lose the belt, ¬†invest in some stretchy pants and indulge yourself in the glorious starchy goodness of some buhtayduhs – both sweet and the other kind. And don’t forget the butter.

4 Responses to “Twanglish Lesson: Buhtayduh”

  1. You had me saying it out loud, just to check…and yes, that’s how I say it :). So many things to still learn about myself!


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