Another Huge Upset in the Southern Sweets Showdown!

The match-ups of the three-seeds and 14-seeds in the Sweets Showdown produced one slaughter by a favorite, two extremely close races and one unbelievably huge upset.

First for the big news. In an upset that rivals upstart Bud’s Best Cookies taking down Krispy Kreme, the little crunchy peanut butter and coconut treat known as Chick-O-Stick at the #14 slot took down Chattanooga’s own #3 Moon Pies … despite RSM Wayne Franklin’s wistful remembrances of Mardi Gras and its association with the creamy sandwich. Chick-O-Stick grabbed a whopping 80% of the vote.

In the Miscellany Region, the offbeat entrant and underdog Raw Sugar Cane was handily dispatched by three-seed Fig Preserves, which took 79% of the vote.

The other two regions provided the closest results to date. In the Pies, Cobbler and Dumplings Region, the 14-seed Old Timey Butter Roll narrowly pull the upset over #3 Fried Peach Pie with 53% of the vote. Perhaps RSM Jerrod Brown’s nostalgic look at the classic Southern dessert, My Steps Were Washed with Butter, swayed some folks who had never even heard of the treat. (There are too many new discoveries here for us to try over the holidays. Perhaps a regular workout feature is in order after the new year.)

In Cakes, Puddings and Ice Cream, #3 Apple Fritters took out #14 Bread Pudding by the same narrow margin.

Stay tuned for more match-ups later today.

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