Taking Back the Fried Apple Pie

Fried Apple Pie at A-Frame

Image by Muy Yum via Flickr

I have a confession to make: I’ve never had a homemade fried apple pie. To be honest, when our readers began suggesting them for the Southern Sweets Showdown, I was more than a little incredulous. I thought they were a product of the commercial age: something concocted  by mad scientists and marketing types for sale in truck stops and fast food joints.

How could I be so naive?

Of course fried apple pies originated in the home. And I suspect they originated in the South. I mean, come on, “fried” is right there in the name! We Southerners would fry a cup of coffee, if we could.

According the unflappable Wikipedia,

“Historically in the American south, fried pies were known as “Crab Lanterns”, although the etymology of that term is obscure. New Hampshire fried pies were popular with U.S. president Franklin Pierce.”

I don’t know how much of that is accurate, but I think we can all agree that the name “crab lantern” should be left for dead … except for maybe as the name of an alternative Creole punk band.

What could be more American than apple pie? And what could be more Southern than taking that great American icon and frying it up in a little semicircle of perfection, ready to be carried to work, to play, to school, to the fields … wherever you might feel that sudden case of “the vapors” and need to refuel with some deep-fried, sugary goodness?

It’s time we take back the fried apple pie. Tell McDonald’s and Hostess to keep their mass-produced monstrosities! We’re going to make our fried apple pies the way our grandmothers did … well, apparently not my grandmothers, but you get the idea.

For some great anecdotes about fried apple pies – and a step-by-step recipe – check out this site.

To vote for Fried Apple Pies in the Southern Sweets Showdown, you know what to do: vote on Facebook or right here on the site.


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