The Only Thing Better than a Co-Cola

I’ve talked before about the cultural importance of Coca-Cola in the South, especially “real” Coke, sweetened with cane sugar. And we’ve offered a Twanglish Lesson explaining that the importance is so great that “Coke” is a generic term for all “cold drinks.”

coke float

Image by ginnerobot via Flickr

Of all the great Southern Sweets, this one might be the simplest to prepare. It’s just vanilla ice cream and Coke in a glass. Or is it? Do you add the ice cream to the glass first, or the Coke? This topic is debated in depth here as the original poster laments the brown foam killing her appetite for the treat. (It can remind me a bit of the froth that churns up on the surface of Mobile Bay on a windy day. Appetizing!)

And some folks like to plus their float. This recipe, for example, includes a little extra vanilla flavor and tops it off with a cherry.

And what other Southern Sweet can you both eat and drink? Simple. Sweet. Perfect.

To vote for the Coke Float in the Southern Sweets Showdown, visit our Facebook page or vote here.

2 Responses to “The Only Thing Better than a Co-Cola”

  1. I love a coke float, but I prefer a Grapico float…try it!

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