Southern Sweet: Bud’s Best, The Little Cookies That Could

Image via Bud's Best

You may have never heard of Bud’s Best Cookies. They’re not made by Nabisco or General Mills or even Paul Newman. They’re not a big national brand. They’re best described as inconspicuous when compared to giant brands with giant ad budgets. Bud’s Best Cookies are the little guy. They’re David going up against corporate cookie Goliaths. It’s fitting then that their most distinctive trait is their diminutive size.

Founded by Birmingham businessman Bud Cason, Bud’s Best is the culmination of more than 40 years in the cookie business. Built from the ground up in the 1990s, Bud’s Best has grown to multi-million dollar business, distributing the little cookie with the big taste around the South.

They come in all the flavors you expect: chocolate creme, chocolate chip, lemon creme, a whole mess of flavors involving pecans and others. Yes, they are made in an ultra-modern factory. (A visit to their facility in Hoover, Alabama is a must for families with kids.) But if you love to root for the underdog, then Bud’s Best is for you. Oh, and did we mention that their cookies are delicious?

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