The Play-in Results are in!

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The play-in round of our first Southern Sweets Showdown is officially over … with some surprising results.

The biggest of those surprises is the upset win of Pucker Powder over Lance Nekot Cookies in the Hand-Held Treats region. The “interactive candy art” from Birmingham pummeled those delicious Nekots with a whopping 78.5% of the vote – and that was the smallest margin of victory in this round. The “little powder that could” faces much stiffer competition in the next round as it faces off with that traditional Southern stalwart, Divinity candy.

An even bigger upset, but not nearly as surprising, came in the Pies, Cobblers & Dumplings region where Monkey Bread defeated traditional Raisin Pie. Though raisin pie came to the competition with a better back story, it simply wasn’t enough to defeat that sticky, lumpy treat assembled by monkeys. (Okay, we can neither confirm nor deny that monkey bread is made by monkeys, but it is definitely the product of higher-order mammals.) Monkey bread ran away with this one with 81% of the vote. It goes on to face Pecan Pie in the next round. Monkey bread … we hardly knew ye …

In Cakes, Puddings & Ice Cream, the 16-seed Blue Bell Ice Cream handily dispatched the Rodney Dangerfield of sweet stuff, Fruitcake. Blue Bell did so with 85% of the vote, the biggest margin of victory in the round. Just add one more ignominy to a long list for fruitcake. Blue Bell next faces off with good, ol’ fashioned Nanner Puddin’. Why can’t those two set aside their differences and get together already?

Finally, in the Miscellany region, #17 Candied Yams upset #16 Ambrosia Salad with a resounding victory. The vegetable that’s really a starch that dresses up as a sweet that’s not a dessert took a whopping 81% of the vote. It faces off next with the sweet that’s a drink, Sweet Tea. Poor yams … Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Download your updated brackets by clicking the image above. We’ve got a crazy first round coming with 32 heated match-ups. We’ll post four match-ups per day starting on Monday. You might want to dose up with insulin, because there’s about to be a flood of sweets on Real Southern Men!

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One Response to “The Play-in Results are in!”

  1. Blue Bell makes a seasonal banana pudding ice cream. what do we do? LOL

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