Southern Sweets Showdown Play-in: #17 Pucker Powder vs. #16 Nekot Cookies

Next up in our play-in round is the Miscellany Region.

This pairing of the 16 and 17 seeds from the Miscellany Region features two commercial treats that represent a multi-generation gap. On one side is the nearly century-old cookie from Lance known as the Nekot. On the other is the just-over-a-decade-old Pucker Powder.

Check out scouting reports on the two competitors, both from RSM Wayne Franklin:

#17-Pucker Powder

#16-Lance Nekot Cookies

Then head over to our Facebook page and decide who is more worthy to move on to the first round.

Or simply make your choice below:

3 Responses to “Southern Sweets Showdown Play-in: #17 Pucker Powder vs. #16 Nekot Cookies”

  1. Yummmmmy Pucker Powder!

  2. The Nekot cookie used to be in my opinion the best cookie on the market. Now it simply tastes like salt and sugar. The buttery taste is completely gone and the peanut taste is bland.


  1. Last Chance to Vote in the Play-In Round | Real Southern Men - October 13, 2011

    […] In the Hand-Held Treats Region, you’ve got #17 Pucker Powder vs. #16 Lance Nekot Cookies. […]

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