Southern Sweet: I Scream for Blue Bell Ice Cream

Photo via Blue Bell Creamery

This is an odd entrant for the Southern Sweets Showdown, I know. It’s not a specific flavor of ice cream, but a brand name. How does that work, you might ask? Because Blue Bell Ice Cream is awesome; that’s how.

I think I must have been in my early 20s when Blue Bell made its first foray into Alabama markets. Until then, we had store brands, a few designer brands and the products of the regional dairy. Blue Bell was like a revelation.

It wasn’t a quirky, high-priced entry with lots of crazy flavors and hippies on the carton. It wasn’t some Dutch-wegian import that made you feel uncultured when you ate it. It was real, comforting, homey. It was, in a word, Southern.

Few outside the South will even know what we’re talking about – because Blue Bell can only be found in a few states outside the region. Founded in 1907 as the Brenham Creamery in Brenham, Texas, Blue Bell describes its products this way:

We proudly make Blue Bell Ice Cream the old-fashioned,
traditional way, so it tastes just like it was hand-cranked.

That may sound like so much boasting, if it weren’t completely true.

In 1996, Blue Bell opened a creamery in nearby Sylacauga, and tours of it have become a regular field trip for local kids. If you’re passing through Alabama, Texas or Oklahoma, stop by and check out some Blue Bell for yourself.

To vote for Blue Bell in our Southern Sweets Showdown, check out our Facebook page, or take the poll here on the site.

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