Southern Sweet: A Little Powder for Your Pucker

Image via Creative Concepts, Inc

This Southern sweet is by far the youngest competitor in our crowded field. The product of Creative Concepts, a Birmingham-based candy company founded in 1997, Pucker Powder may be unfamiliar to anyone who isn’t either in school or the parent of someone who is. Welcome to the Southern Sweet generation gap.

So what is Pucker Powder? Simply put, it’s powdered candy in a tube. But it’s no mere pixie stick. Pucker Powder is all about control. You make your own custom mix of flavors – as likely to be sour as sweet. They call it “interactive candy art.” It’s the candy that lets you embrace your inner Willy Wonka. (Wow. That sentence sounded much less creepy in my head.)

You typically find Pucker Powder in places kids will be: amusement parks, gift shops of science museums, zoos, skating rinks and movie theaters. You can’t miss it, really. It comes in this big, candy … dispensing … thing. There are these tube, and you go around and you fill up your little tube with different flavors of candy from these bigger tubes that are hanging from the dispensing thing. It’s all very scientific and complicated. Just writing about it is making me tired.

To really see what Pucker Powder is, and to witness the magical hold it seems to have on kids, just go try some. But take a kid with you. You don’t want to be the creepy middle-aged guy hanging around the Pucker Powder. Trust me.

To vote for Pucker Powder in our Southern Sweets Showdown, visit our Facebook Page or take our poll.

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