Southern Sweets Showdown Play-in: #17 Yams vs. #16 Ambrosia

It’s finally here! The first play-in matchup of the inaugural Southern Sweets Showdown is upon us.

This pairing of the 16 and 17 seeds from the Miscellany Region features treats typically associated with specific holidays. In the case of ambrosia, it is most often seen at family Easter gatherings. Candied yams tend to be relegated to the Thanksgiving table. But both are far more versatile.

It’s a battle of the deceptively healthy: the salad that’s not a salad versus the vegetable that’s a dessert. For scouting reports on the two competitors, check out RSM Jerrod Brown’s break-down of ambrosia salad and RSM Wayne Franklin’s look at candied yams.

Then head over to our Facebook page and decide who is more worthy to move on to the first round.


  1. Last Chance to Vote in the Play-In Round | Real Southern Men - October 13, 2011

    […] And in Miscellany, #17 Candied Yams takes on #16 Ambrosia Salad. […]

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