It’s the First Annual Southern Sweets Showdown!

Some months ago, we mentioned that we’d be doing a new series of posts here on RSM called the “Southern Sweets Showdown.” Well, a little thing called Life happened, and we didn’t get around to posting it … until now.

Below, you’ll find the 68 delectable Southern sweets that make up this inaugural tourney. (Thank RSM Jerrod Brown for the creating of regions and seeding of competitors.)

Starting tomorrow, we’ll post descriptions of the competitors here on the site. You’ll be able to vote on each match-up on our Facebook page. If you haven’t liked the page, yet, do so now. (And in case you missed the subtle hint of our link above, THIS IS A LINK TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE. )

As you may notice below, the Showdown will be structured just like the NCAA basketball tournament, replete with the inevitable snubs, over-inflated seeds and mid-majors who make a run at the big boys as the tourney goes on. There are four play-in “games” followed by 32 first-round match-ups. It’s single-elimination, so once you’re favorite is out, it’s not coming back. This ain’t Big Brother, you know.

If there’s anything we Southerners like, it’s a heaping dose of sugar and some friendly competition. The Southern Sweets Showdown takes care of both.

Read the list, download the bracket, start a betting pool in your office, pick your favorites and get ready to cast your votes starting tomorrow.

Oh, and there just may be a little giveaway to a lucky Facebook page member when this whole thing is over …

The Competitors (check back later for a downloadable bracket)

Pies, Cobblers and Dumplings

1. Pecan Pie
2. Peach Cobbler
3. Fried Peach Pie
4. Blackberry Cobbler
5. Apple Crisp
6. Mississippi Mud Pie
7. Sweet Potato Pie
8. Fried Apple Pies
9. Lemon Icebox Pie
10. Derby Pie
11. Buttermilk Chess pie
12. Key Lime Pie
13. Apple Dumplings
14. Old Timey Butter Roll
15. Coconut Cream Pie
16. Raisin Pie
17. Monkey Bread

Cakes, Puddings, and Ice Cream

1. Nanner Puddin
2. Southern Pound Cake
3. Bread Pudding
4. Homemade Peach Ice Cream
5. Chocolate Cake
6. Red Velvet Cake
7. Sweet Potato Souffle
8. Coconut Cake
9. Apple Stack Cake
10. Beignets
11. King Cake
12. Bananas Foster
13. Coca-Cola Cake
14. Apple Fritters
15. Butter Pecan Ice Cream
16. Blue Bell Ice Cream
17. Fruit cake

Hand Held Treats

1. Divinity
2. “Hot Now” Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts
3. Moon Pies
4. Tea Cakes
5. Pecan Pralines
6. Lemon Squares
7. Bourbon Balls
8. GooGoo Clusters
9. Stuckey’s Pecan Log
10. Little Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies
11. LIttle Debbie Nutty Bars
12. Honey buns
13. Nutty Buddy ice creams
14. Chic-O-Stick
15. Bud’s Best Cookies
16. Lance Nekot Cookies
17. Pucker Powder


1. Sweet Tea
2. Fudge
3. Fig Preserves
4. Apple Butter
5. Buttermilk Biscuits with Honey
6. Syrup (Golden Eagle, Blackburn’s, Steen’s, AlaGa)
7. Watermelon
8. Cornbread and Sweet Milk
9. Coke Float
10. Tupelo Honey
11. Scuppernong Jelly
12. Muscadines
13. Banana and Mayonnaise Sandwich
14. Raw Sugar Cane
15. Mayhaw Jelly
16. Ambrosia Salad
17. Candied Yams

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