Twanglish Lesson: Finna

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is a variation on one we’ve been reticent to post. Ever since our first Twanglish Lesson, readers have been contacting us asking, “What about ‘y’all’ and ‘fixing’?” Our answer is always the same: any old website about stereotypical Southerness can post those two terms. In fact, they’ve become cliché. We’re not just any old Southern website. Frankly, we think you should expect more of us Real Southern Men.

But this variation on “fixing to” is one that hasn’t been picked over by the vultures of pop culture. It’s almost like meta-Twanglish: a Twanglish word that is a lazier, slurred, contracted version of another Twanglish term.

It’s chock full of double juiced-in Twanglishy goodness:

Finnaidiom 1. a contraction of the more proper phrase “fixing to” signifying the nearness of an event or an intention to act:

I re’n it’s finna come a po’ down.

I’m finna run down to the Walmarts and git some Conecuhs.

We should point out that “finna” typically applies to something that’s going to happen more immediately than say, something that one is going to do “directly.” If your friend is “finna” go to the Walmarts, and you want to go along, then you should probably be climbing into the pickup (next to the dog) as soon as possible. However, if he’s going to the Walmarts “directly,” well, there’s no need to rush to put your shoes on. Heck, it’s the Walmarts, shoes are optional anyhow.

2 Responses to “Twanglish Lesson: Finna”

  1. You mean “fittin'”? As in, “I’m fittin’ tah smack yaw ugtly mouwf.”

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