Twanglish Lesson: Directly

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is a matter of time. Neither a specific time nor a measure of time, it deals with how we express what will happen in due time. And it has nothing to do with direction or orientation. Ahh … such are the intricacies of Twanglish.

Even in relation to time, it doesn’t mean what you would think. Rarely is it used to indicate a thing that will happen immediately – though the speaker might optimistically think so. More often than not, it indicates a time that will arrive at the leisure of the speaker or his subject.

As with most things in the South, it happens at its own pace:

Directlyadverb, often preceded by the word “here” 1. Immediately (A rarely used and likely inadvertent meaning…unless it involves beer):

I’mo git some Buschs at the Walmart directly.

2. In a short while:

Reckon I’ll start making the cornbread here directly.

3. In a couple of weeks:

I hear tell Junior’s gonna come home from college here directly.

As a kid, I was the king of “just a second.” Whether my parents wanted me to wash up for supper, take out the trash, do my homework or get in the car to go somewhere, my answer was always “just a second.” It was never a second. It was never a minute. It was usually five, ten, fifteen minutes … or whatever their threshold for my useless procrastinating was for that day.

“Directly” is the same kind of word. If you ask a friend for a favor, and he says he’ll get to it directly, you may as well move on to something else or do it yourself. It may be a while.

I plan to go into this in more detail, to help you really parse out the meaning of someone using the term in a given context … but I don’t have time right now. Don’t worry; I’ll get to it directly.


5 Responses to “Twanglish Lesson: Directly”

  1. “yes dear, ill be home directly” was how i heard it most often used ……

  2. Love your Twanglish lessons! Makes me wonder if anybody from the north even gets these…


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