Twanglish Lesson: The Elvis (Sandwich)

Today’s Twanglish Lesson continues our Elvis Week posts and deals with one of our favorite topics: food. Good, Southern, heavy, nasty, fatty comfort food. Sure it may sound disgusting to the squeamish and those Yankee of constitution. But this the sandwich of kings. It’s the sandwich of The King.

Since his death, Elvis is both near-religious icon and punch line in America. You’re just as likely to find someone who wept for a week upon his death as someone who’ll make jokes about his weight, drug use, diet and death. Unfortunately, the latter sentiment has dragged the sandwich into the realm of the ridiculous … well that and the basic tenants of medical science.

The Elvis -proper noun 1. A sandwich popularized by singer Elvis Presley, consisting of peanut butter, bananas and bacon on white bread and often pan fried or cooked on a griddle:

Baby, run down yonder to the Walmarts and get a mess o’ bacon so you can make me a Elvis.

Personally, I prefer my banana sandwiches with mayo instead of PB, but not everyone can have such refined tastes. And for some reason, we at RSM were always under the misconception that the sandwich, in its proper form, was deep fried, not pan fried. Somewhere, some culinary genius is slaving away in a kitchen on wheels on the midway of some random county fair … making that dream a reality.

So slather up those slices of Sunbeam with some good ol’ Georgia peanut butter, slap on a nanner and fry those strips of heavenly goodness to crunchy perfection. Sure, you may die on your throne, but at least you will have eaten like a King.

Speaking of the King, RSMs Wayne & Kris launch a crowd funding campaign for their new Elvis-themed film tonight. Go check it out on Kickstarter!


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    […] bread and bananas and make a sandwich. My mom preferred Peanut Butter & Banana (she’s an Elvis fan), while my dad made Banana & Mayo Sandwiches. I was a picky eater and thought these were […]

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