RSM Recommendation: One of Our Favorite Bloggers

Through the course of running a blog like this, you inevitably begin to network with other bloggers via that sticky, gooey, stringy jumble of information that is the interwebs. We’re going to start turning you on to some of our favorites.

We start today with the blog “Let Me Ask You This…” And though she believes in animal ghosts and thinks she has some irrational fears (sharks and zombies but not, strangely enough, zombie sharks), we’re not sure they’re as odd as RSM Wayne Franklin’s fear of half-sunken boats. But that’s a post for another day … and a therapist.

I have been called plenty of names in my life.  And some of them were even nice.  I was recently called a Versatile Blogger by thesinglecell, who is a smart, talented, funny, insightful and all around wonderful human being.  And I really, truly, honestly mean that, from the depths of my bloggy little heart. Note:  If you would like to give me an award, there are plenty more adjectives where those came from.  As a Versatile Blogger, I am really go … Read More

via Let me ask you this…

One Response to “RSM Recommendation: One of Our Favorite Bloggers”

  1. Haha! Thanks! But why must you put ideas into my head? Zombie sharks? Actually, that sounds like a pretty good (bad) scary movie.

    And also, I’m not afraid of half-sunken boats, so I feel a little better about myself. No offense, Wayne. Of course, maybe that’s where the zombie sharks are hiding. Oh, dear…

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