Your Turn: How Are You a Real Southerner?

Okay, for several months now we’ve been on here telling you what a Real Southern Man is and how to be one. We think one thing that defines real Southerness is the willingness to give something back. Somebody makes you a batch of biscuits, you cook them up a mess of collards. That’s just how it works. You don’t do it because you feel obligated, but you do it because you can’t help it. It’s just in your nature as a real Southerner.

And we just know that y’all are just itching to give us some feedback and prove to us y’all are walking the Southern walk and not just talking the Twanglish talk. Now we want to hear from you.

Tell us one thing a person could do – it could be a simple act or it could be a 12-step process, a program as it were – to become more of a real Southerner. We’ll post a collection of the best suggestions at the end of the week so everyone can put your wisdom to the test over the weekend.

Be creative, be funny, be sincere. Just dig deep into that Real Southern Soul of yours and be all the Dixie-fried you can be.

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