Twanglish Lesson: I Hate Y’all

Before y’all get your hackles all in a burr, today’s Twanglish Lesson isn’t what it seems. If we stick to the original intent of this site and consider this a lesson primarily for men, trust me, you’ll need it. However, this particular bit of Twanglish is exclusively the domain of the ladies.

You see, there’s this weird thing that Southern ladies do when they realize that they’ve become the victim of a prank or the butt of a good-natured joke. They can’t let on that they love the personalized attention coming from the Real Southern Men around them, so they resort to the ironic. Got to keep up that steely Magnolia facade, no?

I Hate Y’all -exclamation 1. an idiomatic expression, typically uttered in reaction to a joke or prank; an ironic expression of affection; used exclusively by Southern belles:

Why are y’all always picking on me in the middle of the Walmarts? I hate y’all!

The phrase is typically accompanied by a half-hearted slap at the man closest to her, whether it be boyfriend, husband or son. The irony of this works on so many levels. Not only does she mean the exact opposite of what she’s saying, but she would never even deign to utter the “H-word” in any other context.

Good Southern girls simply don’t say hate … unless they mean love.

One Response to “Twanglish Lesson: I Hate Y’all”

  1. Rick Perry hates ya’ll.

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