Twanglish Lesson: Squar’ Up

Today’s Twanglish Lesson was a bit of a revelation tot his Real Southern Man when I first heard it. I had gone 30-some years living in Dixie without ever hearing or uttering it. But the sheer brilliance of the speaker’s delivery convinced me that I had missed out on a golden bit of Twanglish. I’ve been using it ever since.

So when something is right on target, you don’t always have to resort to those well-worn phrases “smack dab” and “slap dab.” Now you’ve got this. You’re welcome.

Squar’ Upadverb 1. precisely, exactly 2. directly on target 3. broadside, bluntly:

“That number 57 for Oklahoma hit Brodie squar’ up in the head. There ain’t no call for that kind o’ bee-havior in college football.”

And that’s the exact quote that made me a “squar’ up” convert for life. If you really want to learn the ins and outs of Twanglish, simply tune in to the post-game show of an SEC football game. (Unless you’re a Vanderbilt fan.) There’s nothing that brings out the most arcane snippets of Twanglish more than the passion of Southern football fans…especially when they’ve lost. After all, there ain’t no call for losing, neither.

Synonyms: Slap, Smack

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