Be a Real Southern Man #42 – Playing Catch (Up)

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is our easiest one, yet. You don’t have to go anywhere, buy anything or risk life and limb to do it. This one is more about arming yourself with information and playing a little catch-up.

This week, we think you should…

Catch up on reading this site, Real Southern Men.

Thanks to some great stories commemorating the April 27 tornadoes (and a little boost from legendary meteorologist James Spann of Birmingham), we had our biggest week ever on RSM. Those stories are a great place to start. They give you a little glimpse into the lives, hearts and minds of Southern men.

First is the account of the two men who possibly saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives by capturing the first live images of the Tuscaloosa tornado, “Chasing Down a Killer.” Be sure to read the comments after the story for a special surprise…

Next is Jerrod Brown’s personal reflections on helping out after the disasters in Tuscaloosa, Haiti, New Orleans and more, “Bondye Bon.”

And then we have Lee Meadows’ musings on the helpful nature of Southerners in times of crisis, “A Little Help, Please.”

And then you should check out one of our most popular recurring series, a must for all aspiring real Southerners out there, Twanglish Lessons.




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