Twanglish Lesson: Slap

Today’s Twanglish Lesson isn’t what you think it is. (Or maybe you’re wise to us and know that we’re big fans of misdirection when comes to our Twanglish Lessons.) Real Southern Men don’t advocate wanton violence. It’s just not part of our culture. We prefer the talk it out over a tall glass of something cold with a kick method of conflict resolution. Although, if it must come to blows, a Southern man knows how to throw down, Twanglishly speaking. Not to mention that in the hallmark of Southern lit, Gone With the Wind, there’s a whole mess of slapping going on.

No, this definition of slap is more of the adverbial variety. Whether you’re shooting skeet, training your compound bow on an eight-pointer, going deep over the middle or landing a punch, you want to make sure it’s on target … slap dab on target.

Slap (Dab)adverb 1. Precisely 2. In a precise or exact position:

Get me some epsoms at the Walmarts. That mule down throwed me slap dab in the middle of a sticker bush.

Synonyms: Smack Dab, Squar Up

Lest we forget, slap is also a great word for describing when something is done to the full, as we covered in a previous Twanglish lesson on “slap out.” You can be slap full of beans or have had it slap up to there. When what ever it is can go no further or be no more precise, it’s slap. And you slap know it.


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