Be a Real Southern Man #8

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is going to separate the Real Southern Men from the little Southern boys. Actually, that’s not accurate at all, because this is an activity we all wanted to do as children. Somewhere along the way, though, many of us go soft, thinking 18 holes on a manicured lawn is equivalent to communing with the great outdoors.

Today, we want you to:

Spend an entire night in a tent in the woods.

I recently saw a friend on Facebook wondering aloud if they were the only person who still took their kids tent camping. There were many responses of no, but a few yesses as well. The sad thing is that the friend and most of those answering in the affirmative were women. I know men who will come visit our church’s father-daughter campout until it gets late, then load up their girls and head for the friendly confines of their own beds.

Like hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking and cooking over an open fire, camping takes us back to our roots, when our pioneering forefathers came to a fertile region and began to carve a life for themselves. Just don’t displace any native peoples to do it.

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