Twanglish Lesson: Tucker

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is all about what happens when a Southerner has pushed themselves too far. We’re all prone to it. Whether it’s personal pride or a deeply held religious conviction that we can “do all things,” we Southerners think we can do it all without ever wearing down. But everybody gets tired … except Southerners, of course. We have to do it with more character than being merely tired.

Instead, we prefer to…

Tucker (Out)verb 1. to tire or grow weary 2. to exhaust completely –adjective 1. describing a condition of complete exhaustion:

I’m plum tuckered out after walking the Walmarts from one end to the other.

Synonyms: Give (Out), Tar

There’s no shame in being tuckered out from time to time. Find yourself a nice, long front porch and a tall glass of sweet tea, and do the other thing we Southerners do so well: rare back and relax.


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