What the Cuss Do You Think?

Okay, that title has very little to do with this post, but since we’ve stumbled into a de facto cussing theme for the week, what the hey?

We’re mulling some changes here at Real Southern Men, and we’d like your input.

We launched a little less than three months ago. Since then, we’ve churned out a healthy dose of content. You, our readers, really seem to enjoy what we’re doing. But writing a blog of this quality and scope takes a great deal of time and effort – and we think it deserves a bigger audience.

When we began, the idea was to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to the art of Southern masculinity. However, while there is still a goodly portion of our content fitting within those parameters, we’ve broadened our vision to become a more generalized celebration of that elusive quality known as Southernness. As a result, we have an awful lot of female readers – maybe outnumbering our male readers.

That brings me to the potential change. What would you think if Real Southern Men became simply “Real Southerners?” That would better reflect our readership. (And it would get us around that pesky hurdle of some folks thinking we’re either porn or a Southern gay dating site. Although leaving it alone would be a great way to get in with the political crowd…)

Beyond changing the name, we would start to recruit some female bloggers to join our growing list of contributors. And we would create some femme-alicious regular features to correspond with our popular RSM Profiles and how-to series.

The domains realsoutherners.com and real-southern.com already point here. All that’s left is to make it official.

So … What say you?

7 Responses to “What the Cuss Do You Think?”

  1. As a charter member of the girly variety, I vote YES for Real Southerners! Preserving and celebrating our heritage is non-gender specific. Soooooo, can I guest blog occasionally?

  2. I just found you today, but my wife (http://www.thismamathing.com) and I are both fans already. Would applaud the shift to include the ladies, and we’d both love to contribute sometime!

  3. I’ve been in love with this site since the day I found it. I think the changes are a good idea and I’d love to join the ranks of your female bloggers.

  4. ok so I am late….yes this is def an overall southern website….I vote yes to the addition of the belles 🙂

    • We’re working on a solution to that as I write this…okay, not literally as I write this, but we are trying to work it out. The main thing we have to get past is our own established habits, like referring to the site as RSM.

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