Be a Real Southern Man #9

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is going to get a little messy, if you do it right. And to fully experience this one, you have to immerse yourself in a unique culture. There’s no room for windshield tourists or armchair fans today. You’ve got to infiltrate the oily, dirty underbelly of Southern culture (on the skids.)

Today, we think you should…

Go on a dirt track date.

Sure the stereotype is that all Southerners like NASCAR. First of all, that isn’t necessarily true. Secondly, NASCAR has become more of a nationwide obsession among a certain subculture. But to truly experience the roots of stock car racing, you’ve got to spend a night in the stands, watching wannabe drivers sling mud, dirt, oil and the occasional bumper around a red clay oval. You haven’t really experienced racing as a fan until you’ve had to wash it out of your ears.

Bonus points for listening to Southern Culture on the Skids’ album Dirt Track Date on the way there.

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