Real Southern Men Bring the Funny

This thing even looks like a Cylon.

Yesterday, we shared with you the best of our musings about Southern life, family and our own histories. Today, we go the other way. Southern storytelling has a long history of humor, peppered with hyperbole, wit and sarcasm, sweetened with a heaping spoonful of gentility. Like good Southern cooking, it’s complex – savory and sweet.

Then again, it may be just plain absurd. Take for example Wayne Franklin’s paranoia that lawnmowers are trying to kill him and bring about a coming “Mowpocalypse,” as detailed in his series “The Lawnmower Fighter.”

Check out Billy Ivey’s self-effacing look at the societal menace that exists only at little league ballparks, the Bleacher Creature.

Then read Nicklaus Louis’ guest post about how he unwittingly became the nemesis of Texas Governor Rick Perry.

Like gardening? Learn how not to do it from Lee Meadows’ exploration of the vices and virtues of Roundup.

Finally, Wayne Franklin faces his own insecurities in light of his wife’s birthday party with Nicaraguan Contras.


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