The Best (of) Real Southern Men

Time to Catch Up

Here’s an amazing fact, at least to us: we’ve published more than 120 posts in just two short months of existence here at RSM. That’s an average of about two posts per day. And there are a ton of other content ideas that we haven’t even touched, yet.

We know there’s no way you’ve read everything here on the site. So this week we’ve decided to take a break from new posts and allow you to catch up on some of the amazing content already on RSM. We’ll recommend some stories each day, but if you find a category that tickles your fancy, click around and see what else we have like it.

A good place to start is our home page. Let your imagination lead you from there…

Spread the RSM Love

And if you like it, chances are your friends will, too. Recommend stories to your friends and followers by using the handy Share feature at the bottom of each post. It takes a great deal of time and work to maintain the quality of content we have here at RSM. We want to keep going with it, but we can only do that if make this beast pay for itself. And we can only do that if our loyal readers spread the love.

Sweet RSM Prizes

Later this week, we’ll make an announcement about an exciting giveaway. If you want a chance to win some sweet (literally) prizes, you have to follow us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook. Do both, and double your chances!

Talk Back to Us
(It’s okay. We’re not your Mama)

Finally, we want your feedback. Let us know what your favorite features are on RSM. And give us suggestions for what you would like to see.

Thanks for reading!

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