Get Your Civil War On

Capt. Raphael Semmes aboard his beloved Alabama

Last week, we had a Civil War theme week here on RSM. With the four-year Sesquicentennial of the War going on, you can expect more of that in coming months. Here’s a look at our best posts from last week, as well as previous Civil War stories:

Talk Like the Blue & the Grey

Our Twanglish Lesson introducing you to some forgotten slang of the Civil War era proved very popular. If you don’t know what a Goober Grabber is or whether you’ve ever been goshbustified, this post is for you.

To Honor or Not to Honor?

Never one to shy away from controversy, RSM Kris Wheeler asks “Is It Proper to Honor the Confederate Dead?”

What You Don’t Know Won’t Kill You
(But it won’t win you any bar bets, either)

Americans think they know a thing or two about our bloodiest war. For the most part, they’re wrong, To prove it, we delved into some misconceptions with “10 Odd Facts About the Civil War.

Beat Your Kids; Start A War

A lonely old historic marker leads us down the rabbit hole of Civil War history to learn that the nation was hurried into war by one very dysfunctional family, “The Family That Broke A Nation?”

A Pirate By Any Other Name

Originally posted during our Pirate Week, this story about Confederate naval Capt. Raphael Semmes explores the unbreakable bond between a captain and his ship: “Boy Meets Ship: A Pirate Love Story.”

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