Meet the RSM: Adam Caperton

We here at Real Southern Men are excited to introduce you to our newest contributor, Adam Caperton. At turns a chef, wine bar operator and bona fide rock musician, Adam brings touches of both cool and class to our ragtag band of Southern pontificators. We look forward to his musings on Southern food, wine, travel and music. Welcome, Adam!

You can check out Adam’s impressive bio here.

One Response to “Meet the RSM: Adam Caperton”

  1. Adam, NOT SHAKESPEARE was a party band. I was a partner in Morgan’s, Daddy’s Money and worked at After Sundown, all clubs you played in Blacksburg, Va. I guess I saw Not Shakespeare fifty times, maybe more, still have REM stubs and posters in frames. I saw the cassette I played over and over while getting my Master”s Degree from Va. Tech the other day and wanted to get in touch again. I am so happy for your success. Question; Do you have a connection for Jeff, George? Can you tell me how to get in touch with George or Jeff Chown. I worked with Jeff after college and found a box of memories I would like to give him. I live six months in Bangkok, Thailand and travel the rest of the year and would love to hook up with my friend Jeff again. Thanks, You still are enjoying your fifteen minutes of fame. I cannot find anything anywhere for either of my friends. Any thread finding Jeff or George would be greatly appreciated. Again, It was great to see you doing what gives you pleasure and back in Virginia

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