It’s Pirate Week on Real Southern Men!

RSM Wayne Franklin as the world's lamest pirate

In honor of the Billy Bowlegs Pirate Festival in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and Drake’s Raid in St. Augustine, we’ve dubbed this Pirate Week on RSM.

First, we delved into the mystery of why the Billy Bowlegs Festival claims William Augustus Bowles as its patron pirate … despite the fact that he was never called Billy Bowlegs.

Next, we profiled Bowles’ hated rival, Creek and Seminole Indian leader, Alexander McGillivray.

Another RSM Profile introduced us to the gentleman Prince of Pirates, New Orleans’ own Jean Lafitte.

Though he was known in the South as a war hero, Confederate raider Admiral Raphael Semmes was often branded a pirate or privateer by the Northern press. We take a look at Semmes’ relationship with his beloved ship, the CSS Alabama – a sort of pirate love story.

Admiral Semmes also contributes our latest Real Southern Quote, as an excerpt from his memoirs elucidates us on the nature of sailors.

Keep watching as we’ll bring a gallery of photos from the Billy Bowlegs Festival as well as an interview with Billy Bowlegs himself … or at least a recent honorary Bowlegs from the festival.

Next week, we’ll cast an eye toward the sesquicentennial of the Civil War.  And in coming weeks, we’ll deal with the aftermath of the storms across the South, have a look at the South’s role in manned space flight and get your help in deciding what is the best sugary sweet below the Mason-Dixon in our first annual Southern Sweets Showdown.

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Thanks for reading!

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