Twanglish Lesson: Kindly

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is one that always makes us smile when we hear it in person, but – and we’re only being honest here – makes us cringe when heard on television. That’s because it is typically being uttered by one of our toothless brethren – you know, those who aren’t exactly camera-friendly…bless their hearts.

But whether pointing out the general direction of the UFO they spotted while maintaining their “night crops” in the forest or describing the odorous similarity between their neighbor’s puppy mill and the family hog farm, this is the word to bring that simile to non-specific life:

Near ‘Bout  -adverb 1. Of a sort:

We was at the Walmarts and got some eddie-mamie, which is kindly like a Japanese pole bean. 

2. Approximate in time, number, degree. etc.:

She was a sweet gal, but kindly fat-complected.

SynonymsPert Near, Near ‘Bout

We know that some of you who have been corrupted by the ways of our Northern neighbors may think of “kindly” only as and adjectival or adverbial tool for describing a person or act of a convivial nature. There’s nothing wrong with that function of the word. In fact, we might use it ourselves from time to time. For example, if you’re looking for that definition of “kindly,” we’ll kindly ask you to look elsewhere. That’s not Twanglish; it’s just English. And we kindly like our definition better.

3 Responses to “Twanglish Lesson: Kindly”

  1. This is kindly off the subject, but have you ever heard the aforementioned popular superstore referred to as “Walmark”? Just curious… Oh, and that’s not to be confused with the “Kmark.”

  2. In West Virginia we add an apostrophe-“s” onto the end of big chain stores, most commonly Wal-Mart’s, K-mart’s, and Kroger’s. (“I bought it at Kroger’s,” and “I’m goin’ to Wal-Mart’s.” Sort of like, “I brought this from Dad’s,” or “I’m going to Aunt Bobbie Jo’s.”)

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