A Real Southern Man is… #7

How do you define a Real Southern Man? We’d love to hear your comments. But first…

Today’s entry of “A Real Southern Man is…” is not as true as it once was. Times change. Modernity creeps into even the sleepiest of Southern towns. With modern lives and modern ways come modern thoughts…and modern beliefs. But still, there is that belt that girds the loins of even the most bustling of Southern cities. As we all rush around for six days a week, we instinctively settle down on day number seven, because…

“A Real Southern Man goes to church.”

One of our readers suggested that every RSM has a Bible on his bedside table. (This RSM actually has a copy of the Westminster Confession of Faith on his bedside table, but a Bible on his desk and another in the glove compartment of the car … just in case.)

In the modern South, however, you’re as likely to meet an atheist or an agnostic as a true believer. However, sometime in their lives, whether tagging along as a child, trying to impress a girl in college or to “raise their children right” in adulthood, they have all darkened the doors of the local church. Whether believers or not, Real Southern Men feel the influence of the church here in the Bible Belt every day – in music, literature, art, sports and even business.

Now, with every head bowed and every eye closed…

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