Be a Real Southern Man #10

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is a bit biased toward life along the coast. This RSM contributor grew up in the port city of Mobile. The very heartbeat of life down there pulses with the tides. On any given day, you’ll find yourself gazing upon, skiing across, fishing in, swimming through or simply tanning beside those life-giving rivers, canals, bayous or the Gulf itself.

Today, we think you should…

Learn to throw a cast net.

Oh, I bet you didn’t think we were going there, did you? But the beauty of this little tidbit is that it doesn’t require expensive fishing rigs and a cabin cruiser like deep sea fishing would. It doesn’t require the athletic ability and pricey gear of water skiing. And you don’t even have to have a boat. All you need is enough money to buy a good net and the patience to learn how sling it in a perfect, whirling arc onto your prey.

At the end of the day, when you’re soaked with brackish water and sore from head to toe, have a smoked mullet for me, will ya?

One Response to “Be a Real Southern Man #10”

  1. I learned this task early on and was quite proud of my abilities in this regard until a couple of years ago.

    I was in the middle of the Amazon jungle in a small village on the Canuma River and boy no more than four years old was casting a net with more precision and control than I have ever seen from an adult. BTW, given the subsistence poverty it was equally amazing that the family owned more than one cast net.

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