A Real Southern Man is… #111

How do you define a Real Southern Man? We’d love to hear your comments. But first…

Today’s entry of “A Real Southern Man is…” highlights one of the never-ending struggles of the South, that being the class war. Very few of us contributors to RSM come from Old Money or “proper” Southern families. We’re the children of dirt farmers, laborers, mechanics and cattlemen. So our fathers, who are all Real Southern Men in their own regard, dress according to their station: jeans, t-shirts, overalls, Western shirts, cowboy boots. Heck, I have one uncle who only wears shirts with snaps. And employs but two of them. To match the number of his teeth.

But if he comes from money, has money or wants to pretend he has money…

“A Real Southern Man wears seersucker suits.”
-TDW, RSM reader

The men who wear those suits have never pronounced an “R” in their lives. Their “mothahs wouldn’t heah of it.”

2 Responses to “A Real Southern Man is… #111”

  1. Ironic that seersucker has two (silent) “R”s

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