A Real Southern Man is… #8

How do you define a Real Southern Man? We’d love to hear your comments. But first…

Today’s entry of “A Real Southern Man is…” is a behavior encompassed by a broader trait we’ve already covered: being a gentleman. It’s one we teach our children from the time they begin to talk. And we keep using until well into old age. We apply it mainly to our elders, but we’ve even been known to use it with those younger than us…without a hint of irony. We’ve actually covered this in a “Be a Real Southern Man,” but we feel it bears repeating:

“A Real Southern Man says ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir.'”
-RSM David Reber

As with many other RSM traits, this one is born of respect and tradition. And many of us are surprised to hear in adulthood that what we were taught was mannerly is considered odd or even rudely formal by those outside the South. We don’t care. We’re not budging on this one.

No ma’am we’re not budging one bit.

One Response to “A Real Southern Man is… #8”

  1. We used to get beat for not saying it. We also got beat for saying “you guys” instead of “y’all”. You guys was like cussing.

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