Be a Real Southern Man #11

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip is not uniquely Southern, but it does hearken back to an earlier time and, like many of our tips, reconnects you with the great outdoors. You may be a little intimidated before. You may be a little sore afterward. But when the world’s supply of oil runs out, you’ll be glad this activity isn’t new to you.

Today, we think you should…

Learn a little horsemanship.

Sure, when most people think of expert horsemanship, they think of the Wild West, of cowboys and Indians, of John Wayne riding in with the cavalry. But horses have had a great impact on the South since Hernando DeSoto first galloped through the land nearly five centuries ago. They have connected cities, pulled wagons, plowed fields and are now a popular form of recreation throughout the South. In fact, it’s difficult to drive a Southern country road without spotting at least one horse farm.

So saddle up, pardner! This may be your first rodeo, but it won’t be your last.


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