A Real Southern Man is… #17

How do you define a Real Southern Man? We’d love to hear your comments. But first…

Today’s entry of “A Real Southern Man is…” is a sober reaction to the recent tragic events throughout the South, but no less true than if those events hadn’t happened. When life is at its bleakest, when it seems there are no answers, you can always turn to a Real Southern Man, because…

“A Real Southern Man helps his neighbor.”

There’s just something about how we’re raised down here. Elsewhere, the Golden Rule is more of a pewter suggestion. Here, however, it is truly golden, a thing to be treasured. As search and rescue slowly becomes search and recovery, Real Southern Men are champing at the bit to get out there and help. Though April 27, 2011 will no doubt go down as one of the deadliest days not only in the South, but in all of America, the days and weeks after will be the time for Real Southern Men to, as Tolkien would say, “show their quality.” We here at RSM have no doubt they will.

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