Twanglish Lesson: Tellin’ Stories

Today’s Twanglish Lesson is loosely related to the fine Southern tradition of storytelling.

It’s one of the things we’re known for around the world – right along with our less-flattering stereotypes like racism and eating dirt. Historians believe the Southern storytelling tradition grew out of the slower pace of life in the Old South. When your nearest neighbor is miles away, and it’s just too dang muggy to cuddle, you’ve got to have something to pass the time.

But our word today isn’t about storytelling in the conventional sense, but more like its evil twin. Probably even has a goatee. There’s storytelling, and then there’s tellin’ stories.

(To) Tell Stories -verb 1. To spin wild tales, possibly with an intent to deceive or mislead 2. To twist the truth with deceitful hyperbole, though not always with malicious intent 3. To lie:

J.W. said he gave up the drankin’, but I think he’s just tellin’ stories.

Synonyms: Pull one’s leg, talk a lie

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