Real Southern Quote – 4.20.11

Today’s Real Southern Quote comes to us from RSM Kris Wheeler. He overheard it from a Tennessee cattleman, in response to the rather ordinary question, “How you doin’ today?”

“I’m like a crosscut saw – gonna take two to handle me.”

3 Responses to “Real Southern Quote – 4.20.11”

  1. Desribing someone who isn’t acting right:
    (Goofy as a sprayed cockroach)
    (Screwed up as a football bat)

    I could continue, but this is a family site!

  2. I recently interviewed a member of the Patriot Riders, who came to Columbus to defend a soldier’s funeral from Westboro Baptist picketers.

    When I asked him why the picketers never arrived, he had this to offer: “We put the word out: If they wanted to mess with us, they’d just as soon climb a cactus with a wildcat in each hand.”

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