Twanglish Lessons: Mess

In the North, people can only make one or clean it up. To them, it’s not a good thing.

But down here in the South, we know better. Pretty much all of us know one. You might even be one. And if there’s anything in this world that’s good, anything worth having, giving, loving or living, we want a whole mess of it.

Mess -noun 1. A clown, joker:

Ol’ Hot Shot’s a mess with all his carryin’ on, but he will show his butt when he’s drankin’.

2. a large quantity, weight or volume:

Mama done bought a whole mess of Co-Colas at the Walmarts to go with them greens for supper.

Synonyms: Heap, Haul

5 Responses to “Twanglish Lessons: Mess”

  1. Some of my fondest memories come from my heritage on a 300 acre peanut farm in Ozark Alabama.Looking back at how we all sounded brings a smile to my face, it was a time when we where all innocent of having to be proper, for the lack of a better word.I will never forget a plane ride to New York City, I found myself sitting by a beautiful woman and her son.
    I ask her(Are ya’ll going to New York?)She looked up at me and said, Ya’ll? and did’nt speak another word to me.Since then I’ve been very aware how my southeren accent sounds and I have finally been able to erase most of the twang from my childhood.It’s remarkable to me that sometimes it doesnt matter what you say, but how it sounds, that leaves a lasting impression.

  2. Do you not mourn the loss of your accent in some ways?

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