Be a Real Southern Man #3

Welcome to your virtual manual for becoming a Real Southern Man.

Today’s how-to tip not only will make you feel like a Real Southern Men, but it’s practical to boot. It may be difficult. It may take some time. But when you finish, your hands blackened and your brow dripping sweat, you’ll know it was worth it.

Today, we think you should…

Change the oil in your car.

Nothing marks a Real Southern Man more than self-reliance. After all, why spend your hard-earned money paying someone else to do something you could totally screw up for yourself? It’s not only good stewardship, it’s one more step in your journey toward becoming a Real Southern Man.

(Don’t forget to recycle your old oil. A Real Southern Man loves the land. Plus, Friday is Earth Day, after all.)


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    […] just that kilts aren’t very practical (or modest) when you’re lying on a creeper underneath a ’78 Camaro, sitting in a deer stand in below freezing temps or bush-hogging the back 40 on the John […]

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