Bacon Obsession: Bacon + free iPad = Good.

Hear! Hear! (photo by RSM David Reber)

We’ve already established that some of us here at RSM are obsessed with bacon. Who isn’t, right? We’ll grill it, skillet or wrap it around a filet. (If you read that the way I intended, it rhymed hilariously.) Some of us even candy it and put the crumbles in our waffles.

Now, there’s finally an outlet for our baconophilia – besides putting the children of our local cardiologist through the Ivy League. The good people at Instructables have created a Bacon Challenge:

The Bacon Challenge is simple: make something amazing that involves bacon. We know, bacon is already pretty amazing on its own – therein lies the challenge! Dress it up, build with it, get creative with your porcine bounty. The challenge is to make something both original and bacon-related. If it’s about bacon, it’s eligible.

Winners will receive a custom-etched iPad2 or an All-Clad Skillet! The iPad is an awesome device, a virtual time machine for receiving news daily from the Civil War front. But the skillet cooks bacon. Decisions, decisions…

Go here to enter.

Special thanks to RSM reader Deborah Krauss for turning us on to this inspiring, but true story.

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